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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Kitchen Island

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you’ll probably have started doing some homework. And as you browse the various brochures, magazines and online resources available, you’ll inevitably notice one feature that seems to crop up time and time again — the kitchen island. Since their conception in the 1980s, kitchen islands have continued to grow in popularity. They have come to symbolise the ultimate in modern living and for good reason. But what is it about kitchen islands that makes them so desirable? In this article, we’ve outlined 7 reasons why you should definitely consider incorporating an island into your new kitchen.


A Kitchen Island Can Improve Your Layout

Your kitchen layout is key to the success of your project. However, achieving the perfect, practical kitchen layout isn’t always simple. Your design will need to accommodate potentially tricky architectural features like doorways, windows and structural pillars. Even the shape of your room can impact your design. Kitchen islands or peninsulas offer a brilliant, flexible alternative to wall units. They make a great solution to limited wall space, allowing you to create a much more efficient and ergonomic design. They also work excellently in open-plan spaces by establishing a boundary between practical and social zones, enhancing your workflow.


They Offer Useful Extra Storage

Whether you’ve experienced the infamous Tupperware avalanche or felt the frustration of constantly cluttered worktops, we can all appreciate the importance of kitchen storage. Introducing an island to your kitchen is a great way to up your storage capacity. Consider enhancing your storage even further by opting for easily accessible drawers. Extra durable, wide drawers make the ideal place to store pots and pans, crockery and more.


And Extra Space To Install Appliances

As well as offering plenty of extra storage, kitchen islands can make a great place to position appliances. Installing your sink, hob or oven on an island could be exactly what you need to perfect your layout. Positioning your hob on an island can also make cooking more enjoyable as it allows you to face the room and chat with friends and family.


Kitchen Island Can Provide Much-Needed Worktop Space

Achieving the perfect combination of storage and worktop space can be quite the balancing act. Tall units provide lots of useful storage, but that’s no good if you’re left trying to prepare meals on a cramped section of worktop. A large kitchen island could provide all the room you need to cook and prepare food. In fact, in a concealed kitchen, that’s exactly what they do. On-trend, concealed kitchens feature a sleek bank of tall units paralleled by a spacious kitchen island. The result – a beautifully minimal and incredibly stylish interior. Whether you’re looking to minimise clutter with a concealed kitchen style or simply need that extra worktop space, a kitchen island is a must.


They Make A Fantastic Social Hub

The modern kitchen is more than just a place to cook. It offers the ideal location to socialise and relax with friends and family. If you enjoy sharing your kitchen with guests, a kitchen island is sure to transform your space. Without an obvious focal point, visitors can often end up hovering around your kitchen and getting under your feet. A kitchen island offers a wonderful spot for friends and family to gather. It even makes the perfect place to serve sophisticated drinks and nibbles.


Especially When You Add Versatile Seating

Take your kitchen island to the next level with stylish and versatile seating. A casual breakfast bar complete with elegant bar stools offers infinite possibilities. From creating a lovely space to enjoy a leisurely coffee to encouraging the kids to tell you about their day while the dinner simmers, there are so many ways a kitchen island with seating could work for you.


Kitchen Islands Can Look Stunning!

Kitchen islands aren’t just about practicality. Allowing you to introduce an additional colour or finish to your interior, a striking island makes a stunning design feature. This gorgeous, deep-veined marble island undeniably transforms our client’s breath-taking space.


It’s safe to say that kitchen islands have earned their reputation as the ultimate modern kitchen feature. And whatever your taste and practical requirements, you can rest assured there’s an island out there for you. Here at Tolle Kitchens, our award-winning designers delight in helping our clients achieve their dream kitchen. If you’d like to discuss your upcoming project with our team, we’d love to hear from you. You can call us on 01482 860040 or email [email protected].

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