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Six Core Kitchen Layouts That Provide A Great Starting Point

The layout of your kitchen will dramatically impact the performance and overall look of your interior. It dictates how much worktop and storage you have and how you and your family move through the room. Achieving a layout that maximises your space and complements your lifestyle is a must when it comes to ensuring your beautiful new kitchen stands the test of time.

At Tolle Kitchens, our spatial planning skills and design expertise have earned us numerous awards and accolades. You can trust our talented team to tailor every detail of your design to your unique requirements, including your kitchen layout. There are six archetypal layouts that form the foundation of most kitchen arrangements. And while all our designs are completely bespoke, they often take inspiration from these core concepts. Below, we’ll talk you through the six key kitchen layouts and how they could work for you.


Galley Kitchen

Named after the narrow kitchens found aboard a ship, galley kitchens have remained popular for almost one hundred years. They were one of the first fitted kitchens ever invented. And up until the 1960s, they proved by far the best solution to the compact interiors of the time. To this day, they make a fantastic choice for smaller rooms. They make incredibly efficient use of space, delivering on storage while helping you achieve the ideal work triangle. The downside to galley kitchens is that they can feel a bit cramped. Limiting overhead cabinetry to one side will help establish a brighter, more open atmosphere.

Light Kitchen Yorkshire


One-Wall Kitchen

One-wall kitchens aren’t dissimilar from galley kitchens. As their name suggests, they feature a run of cabinets along a single wall, including all your appliances, storage, and worktops. Though you will need to flatten the work triangle, one-wall kitchens can be highly functional. Their compact footprint makes them ideal for narrow rooms where there isn’t enough space for a galley kitchen with cabinets on either side. They also bring great flexibility to open-plan living areas, allowing you to utilise the remaining space to arrange your dining and living furniture. The main downside to one-wall kitchens is their size. There is, of course, a limit to how much worktop and storage space a one-wall kitchen can provide. However, this is ultimately dictated by the size of your room. If you have enough space, you may want to introduce a kitchen island.


Island Kitchen

While a standalone island could make for a bold statement kitchen, they are more commonly paired with the other layouts mentioned in this blog. The island kitchen below offers a sophisticated addition to our client’s breath-taking contemporary home. It incorporates all the appliances and counter space required for cooking. Pairing an island with a one-wall or L-shaped layout is a great way to achieve an ergonomic work triangle while maximising available storage and worktop space. A kitchen island can establish a fantastic social focal point, ideal for busy families and those who enjoy entertaining. You can learn more about the benefits kitchen islands offer by clicking here.

Contemporary Kitchen


L-Shaped Kitchen

Open, spacious, and highly flexible, L-shaped kitchen layouts offer an excellent solution for small and large rooms alike. They can be paired with an island to minimise traffic and increase storage or left open to accommodate multiple chefs and establish an airy feel. L-shaped kitchens make it easy to introduce separate zones. For example, positioning your fridge and sink on one side allows your family to prepare drinks without getting in the way while you’re cooking. L-shaped layouts work well in both open-plan and traditional spaces.

Modern Kitchen Huddersfield


U-Shaped Kitchen

Formed by three continuous runs of cabinetry, U-shaped kitchens offer plenty of workspace and storage. And with three adjacent worksurfaces available, you’ll have no trouble achieving the perfect work triangle. Their closed layout makes them ideal for those who prefer to keep their kitchen separate from their living space. However, too much overhead cabinetry and a lack of floor space can quickly make a U-shaped kitchen feel cramped. U-shaped layouts featuring a peninsula can work with an open-plan home, creating a more open and social atmosphere.

Modern Kitchen Island With Wooden Effect


Peninsula Kitchen

Much like kitchen islands, peninsulas offer a great way to increase storage and worktop space while bringing a social element to your design. As they protrude into the room at an angle to your wall units, they require much less space than a central island. Peninsulas can help elevate a compact one-wall or L-shaped kitchen, introducing an extra area to dine, socialise or prepare food.


We hope our introduction to these six, core kitchen layouts gives you some great inspiration for your project. However, if you have any doubts about how to make the most of your space, we recommend speaking to a professional. They will be able to advise on the best layout to suit your room and lifestyle, personalising your design to suit your needs. If you would like to get in touch with our award-winning team, you can do so by calling 01422 747 980 or emailing [email protected].

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